Different Drummers

Author:  Robert Macintosh (Former President Of The Canadian Bankers Association)

dscf0102How did the prohibition against taking real property as security save the Canadian banking system from mass speculation?

What happened in the United States with the savings and loan industry when this was allowed to occur? Why did the government want large banks instead of small ones? What happened to small banks that were too exposed to one industry during a recession? Why were the eastern banks more successful than those in the west? Why were banks permitted to enter the housing market in 1954? Why was the 6% ceiling on lending rates in place and why was it removed? How did the banks go from 16 percent market share in the consumer credit market to 36 percent by 1967? Why was their share of this market 64 percent in 1990? How much money did Canadians save due to lower loan rates? This book takes you through the days where borrowing and debt was discouraged, to the roaring 1990s, where everything and anything goes. This book is highly recommended for people that want to learn all about the political and business past, present and future of the banking industry in Canada.


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