Virtual Money

virtual_moneyAuthor: Elinor Harris Solomon

Electronic money must be converted into something with intrinsic value or worth. If not, it wouldn't be worth much as a long term standard of value.  Good money must have a relative worth and be easy to handle. It must also be able to be subdivided to buy fractions of things of lesser value.

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Bottomline Banking

Author:  John B. McCoy, Larry A. Frieder and Robert B. Hedges, Jr.

pb060178The competition is the financial services industry has heated up.

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The Death Of The Banker

Author:  Ron Chernow

dscf0121In the beginning, the bank was the most powerful institution.

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The Banking Jungle

Author:  Paul S. Nadler/ Richard B. Miller

dscf0033Before computers, the banks knew more about a man’s personal and business finances than did his wife.

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The Financial Services Revolution

Author:  Clifford E. Kirsch

dscf0031Financial engineering has allowed firms to create many new products.

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