Shawn Dalton

I was born in 1978 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. I was raised in the suburbs but spent most of my young life up north at my grandparent’s cottage about 30 minutes outside the city of Peterborough and a 2.5-hour drive from Scarborough.

I was placed in a French immersion school called William G Miller Public School. My brother and I got almost 25 cents a week for an allowance, so we started a bottle collections business. Beer bottles were worth 10 cents and cans were worth a nickel. We bought our 1st bikes and created our bank accounts from this experience. It was tough running a business. If we didn’t go out to baseball fields and forests on our bikes, we didn’t make any money.

My parents had told me that if I wanted a good retirement, I was to buy a good mutual fund. I bought some shares in an Asia Pacific. I was encouraged to subscribe to the Globe and Mail Newspaper because I really wanted to become a money manager. One day there was an article about mutual funds which referenced a book by Daniel Stoffman called “The Money Machine”. I had a breakdown halfway thought the book. I called the Mutual Fund salesman and he told me not to believe everything I read.

I paused and then said “don’t believe everything you’re told either and slammed the phone down in anger. I instructed my parents to sell my mutual funds.

That same year I took on this security job through P.R, a small firm that had a contract for the Real Canadian Superstore at Don Mills and Eglinton Avenue. My shifts were from 9:30pm until 8am and I slept all day like a vampire to recover from the all-night shift. I averaged 5,000 pages every 6 months and after 2 years I have read over 26,500 pages of research.

There were other books referenced in the Money Machine and I went to abebooks.com, an online database connecting dozens of small bookstores across Canada. I typed in “Canadian banks” “Credit Cards “Mutual Funds” “stock markets” and would buy everything that came up.

To fund my research I started an in-house tutoring business on the side and would work on the weekends helping kids read and learn math and French. I wanted to share all of the tips and tricks so I started to sell my research in downloadable format for a small fee and use the EOF Library in order to promote it. Join our membership program for unlimited access to all of our content

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