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Shawn Dalton is an independent reviewer who has immersed himself in the literature of the financial industry for the past five years. He continues to read, review and publish his thoughts, views and opinions.  This Web site is a repository of reviews of a substantial library of books about the Financial Services industry in Canada and across North America written by Shawn Dalton.

“Most of these reviews were completed while I worked as a grocery superstore security guard, an unorthodox reading room that provided me with many uninterrupted hours of study and evaluation. I have done my best to provide as unbiased an assessment of these books as possible. My intention is to assist the general public to become better informed about the nature, tactics and practices of the Financial Services industry.

This site will also contain information about The End Of Fees Seminar. This intensive presentation will help you to discover ways to reduce or remove the fees you pay for financial services as well as assisting you to become a better informed consumer of these services.”

Library is continually growing – Adding More Reviews!